“The Internet is a tidal wave. It changes the rules.
It is an incredible opportunity as well as an incredible challenge...”

BILL GATES former CEO of Microsoft in May 1995
Nerd at Laptop

Website? Anyone can do that...

"Well, my friend's buddy also makes websites. It doesn't have to cost a fortune and it looks great. Lots of flashing animated texts and colorful frames, so you know what you have...".
Yes, you do know: You have a problem. Good websites are an exclusive mixture of many years of programming experience and modern design. And with the famous "Do it Yourself" website construction kit it doesn't get any better. As soon as something more than the standard is needed, these systems reach their limits, and then the buddy of my friend looks pretty old. Well, you guessed it, I want to sell you my long experience again, but it actually helps.
Budget loyalty, design security and a solid technical basis are fundamental values in creating a good web presence. I have the technical experience. And when it comes to design, I work with real people and not with construction kits.

Big Project

Sledge-hammers and nuts

It's not a good idea to use the proverbial sledge-hammer to crack a nut, but if the sledge-hammer is already there, we might anyway benefit from it... Small projects can benefit from the big chunks.
My most extensive "chunk" is ARTWORKS.ART, a website where artists can offer their works for sale. With more than 800 registered artists and over 5000 works offered (as of January 2021), stability and speed are critical factors. To get technical: a Google Speed Index of 95 out of a possible 100 speaks for itself. And to make this work, I have written many complex and highly optimized scripts, which I can also use for your website in an adapted form.
So let's profit from my programming sledge-hammer and get elaborate modules for user login, payment, data upload and much more available on request. And because my heart still beats for the moving pictures, I have intensively taken care of the integration of web videos. In my "Virtual Showroom" demo you can see, what is feasible with imagination, know-how and virtual worlds. And if you are interested in your own YouTube alike video exchange, I can also offer complete video hosting sites like our new project ARTTUBE.ART.


Is Content important?

Busted. That's a rhetorical question. Content is the backbone of your website. This is where I like to help. Years of experience working with the Bertelsmann Group and the Chronik Verlag, as well as my collaboration on the "WISSEN.DE" website stand for editorial competence.
Especially short texts have to be good and should present your USP (Ha! Acronym successfully integrated) crystal clear. And words are not enough. A website is not a book. It's more like a magazine. What do I write, where and how? The form helps to convey the content - a website should be be a visual experience.
An important factor that is often (and sometimes intentionally) forgotten in this topic is copyright. You cannot simply copy / paste text together. And this also applies in particular to images. We organize images for you, which you are then also allowed to use.


And where is the cash counter?

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