I have created websites for the following clients:

  • Wissenmedia Verlag (Bertelsmann), München
  • Novartis Pharma, Basel
  • Realman XXL, Basel
  • Merck Consumer Health, Wiesbaden
  • NOKIA, Helsinki, München
  • CELGENE, Paris
  • Digitalwerk GmbH, Basel

Some of them are only available internally, some have already been taken offline again.
But below you will find a current selection. Click on the image to open the respective website:


This website for artists, galleries and art buyers is one of my projects that I am working on permanently. With over 800 members, more than 3,000 artworks and over 4,000 artist biographies (as of March 2021), you can perhaps imagine how opulent the associated databases are.
You will quickly notice that the page is extremely optimised for speed. The system was programmed by me from scratch in PHP 7 and JQUERY and designed together with the Artworks team. It is NOT based on a purchased shop system!
To make the start page attractive, the artworks in the slider are re-selected every 30 minutes.



A small website for INSPECTRUM Lörrach. This is specifically about the topic of "live streaming". What is important here is the integration of the videos and a special contact page, where the desired topic can be specified with a pre-selection. is indicated. Also important are the prominently included CTA (Call to Action) Buttons, visible on the home page even on a smartphone without scrolling.



A small business website for communications trainer Bill Young. You are viewing an archive version, as Bill has retired in the meantime.



Extensive website for a medium-sized company. Heavy use of videos that have been specially optimised for mobile devices through the use of smaller, low data rate video files.
A special focus is on fast loading times. With this page, "Google Page Speed Insights" scores 92 out of 100 for mobile devices and 99 out of 100 points for desktops.



Website for the concert promoter Jazztone. The site has a ticket sales system that was completely developed by me.
Direct access to current livestreams and an archive of recorded concerts is also available.